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About Terengganu


Terengganu, a Cradle of Malay Civilisation. Rich with Malay culture and unique heritage. It is here in Terengganu that Islam took root and accepted by the Malays, very much earlier than most other states in the Peninsula. Till now, you can find most of the people here are warm and welcoming.

Terengganu has the highest waterfall in Malaysia. The 305 metres waterfall in Chemerong located 30km away from AI Muktafi Billah Shah Township in Dungun. It offers the diversed richness of nature and wild life where you can have an adventurous jungle-trekking activity to the waterfall that magnificently cascades down a 305 meters slope.

And where can you find the biggest and oldest Cengal Tree in Malaysia? Terengganu of course! The 1,300 Years Old and 16.75 Metres Diameter Pokok Cengal Besar in Hutan Lipur Pasir Raja. The forest reserves of Terengganu near the border of the National Park are rich in flora and fauna.

Here in Terengganu, you can find habitats, lagoons, marshes, deltas, peat swamps, and Melaleuca forests. The wetlands in District of Setiu, serve as feeding and roosting ground for seasonal birds and are stopover sites for migratory birds.

Between the periods of May to September, you can watch turtles laying their eggs at Teluk Mak Nik, Kemaman coastline.

Terengganu is famous of its finest Songket and Batik. Made from the finest quality of materials, the designs and patterns are vibrant and contemporary. Not only that, Terengganu is also famous for an exquisite craftsmanship. Beautiful and articulate wood carvings are inspired by the rich local flora designs as well as Islamic designs. You can also see these handicrafts in traditional houses, palaces, and buildings in Terengganu.

Terengganu "Beautiful State, Beautiful Culture"

Anjung Pantai Seberang in Kuala Terengganu, the state capital of Terengganu. Anjung Pantai chalet is in the heart of Kuala Terengganu attractions. Therefore it is not far in the distance for you to reach to these attractions.